Seriously random

Can I gush for a bit? I just have so much awesomeness on my mind right now. Like how my baby just moves and tumbles around and my belly's a shakin' and sometimes I wonder if people see and think how weird it is to see my belly jump. And how much I love him already and can't wait for him to make his appearance!? We still have so much to do.... I think I'll miss that the most when he's out here in the world. My belly moving and just feeling and bonding with him. Randy just cannot wait to hold him and speaking of randy... He's just the best. He has had such a difficult semester. I would not be able to even begin whining about my workload compared to his. He is really struggling with these last couple of days and it breaks my heart to see him so frustrated and worn out. I wish I could help him somehow. This Christmas break will be so awesome to relax and be kind of worry free. Just think. After the holidays are over, baby will be here! Oh random ramblings. But I feel better know that it's off my chest :)

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