Baby Shower take 2!

A friend of mine put on a baby shower for little man and me! She and I are a lot alike and like to throw a good party and boy did she!

She had the cutest backdrop for the popcorn bar made from paper chains. She also had all kinds of popcorn--which I am addicted to I swear...I could eat popcorn for days! But all kinds of flavors like peanut butter, caramel marshmallow, white cheddar, puppy chow, kettle corn, etc. They were delicious and I might be eating some right now....

While I still feel like I'm fairly new to the ward and don't quite know a lot of people, I was surprised how many came to celebrate with us! I love getting to know everyone and could have stayed there all night talking to them. I will reiterate probably a billion times on the blog just how blessed we are to have moved into such a great area with such wonderful people. Truly so kind and genuine and so helpful. Seriously, seriously, seriously love my ward. They showered baby boy and I with lots of diapers, wipes and other essentials! Just what we needed. SO GRATEFUL!! THANK YOU!!!

How cute is this wrapping paper. She literally sewed it!

So now here I am at 38 weeks wondering when we get to meet the little squirt.  I have a feeling we will probably go to the due date. Ryker was right on time and I'm sure this guy will follow suit. I shall keep you posted!

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