Christmas 2014

Christmas vacation was wonderful! Randy got out of school a week before Christmas and we were cursing ourselves for not booking an earlier flight!

We flew out the 23rd (THANK YOU KELSIE AND KIM FOR BEING OUR CHAUFFEURS!) and had smooth flights. We landed late at night and just crashed. The next day was Christmas Eve. We spent the day with Randy's family and the night with mine. Good old traditions with family talent show, the nativity acted out and yummy food. So fun to see all the "great-grandkids" do it now. Ryker performed wheels on the bus and I was a proud momma! Santa came for a visit and Ryker was TERRIFIED....

(Wow guys seriously....it's march and I'm trying to remember Christmas...I suck) 

So the next day was Christmas. So fun to see Ryker open presents and he would say, "ohhhhhhhh!" when he opened them. It was so cute and we were so spoiled! Kamden skyped and that was fun! He comes home from Tonga in July!

We also had the devastating and beautiful experience of attending the funeral of a close friend's mother. She had been battling cancer and had taken a turn for the worse. We felt so grateful to be able to attend it and be there. Also grateful for the knowledge of eternal families and knowing that we will see her again! She's in a beautiful and amazing place now. 

Pretty much just going to post pictures now because I can't remember much. Just loved being with family and wish that we had balanced our time better. It's a blessing and a burden that we are from the same town...

(Can I just put a disclosure....I know that I am a photographer and charge people money to take pictures so ya know all my pictures should look amazing right??? Well they aren't...it's called real life and I'm not going to go and "edit" them all....plus sometimes I just need to snap a quick picture and I can't say that I took all of these, others grabbed my camera...ok bye!)

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