Jaxon's Blessing Day

What a whirlwind day. We decided to bless Jaxon in Idaho when we were altogether with family and also do it with our niece who was born two weeks before him. They're from Virginia so it was a neat opportunity.

The night before, we had received word that a close friend (who was battling cancer) had been rushed to the hospital. So family members had been up all night. The next morning, I was praying really hard that we would have a beautiful, spiritual day. When we got to Randy's parents house, it was very quiet and the spirit was there. Randy's mother asked for a blessing of comfort and it was so beautiful to see all the men using their priesthood power and blessing my mother in law. 

Soon people arrive for the brunch and we are finishing up, getting kids ready when my niece (a different one) cut her head open. Mass panic as we are deciding what to do with her and if we were to move the blessing to the house. We ended up going to church and they literally walked in right before she was to get her blessing. 

So when sacrament meeting was over, the last thing I really thought about was getting pictures...we didn't get any pictures with my family and only have a few of Randy's. And like NONE in Jaxon's outfit. UGH! But that's not what is important. Jason Eli Searle was blessed and given a name and it was great.

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